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Hi everyone.

new member here and first time owning a bmw. Just picked myself up a 120d m-sport in estoril blue.

its 11 years old and pretty tidy, but it does have a few issues I’m looking forward to getting stuck into sorting (Been years since I’ve had a car to work on) namely condensation on the headlights, drivers door speaker doesn’t work and the left bolster of the drivers seat makes quite a bad clicking sound with me in it while driving and moving around. So if you’ve any tips or tricks or can point me in the right direction that’d be great.




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Enjoy your beemer.

@Greydoghad good advice regarding fogging lights the other day, using them silica bags in the light holders.

the stereo is either the wire or the speaker. Should be an easy job. 

the seat bolster could be something on the subframe moving or your hip? lol.




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Hi Stuart 

As Stu has said Welcome 

Clean the lights through the bulb holder space. Use a piece of sponge on the end of wire then cloth to dry out the condensation use a hair dryer or heat gun to make sure then a small bag of Silica Gel should keep things clear. Paul also posted a fix that may help 

Test and check the speaker connections as Stu says 

From memory the seat bolster has a hoop type support may be it is broken away at one end ? Never come across it but always possible

Most important ENJOY your beemer


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Thanks for the welcomes. 
have to say I’m super impressed with the little Bimmer, my routes are from vw but man, these drive well!. 
had a little go at clearing the head lights the other evening, they came up very well. I forgot to take a before on the drivers side but it was the worse one. 
alas all that effort for naught as they’ve fogged up again, so I’m guessing there must be a puddle in there somewhere, so will probably have to take the headlights out, hopefully not that hard a job??




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Hi Stuart

Great result 

I believe there is like a double skin effect so yes moisture/water can still be present trapped between the two. That is why the silica gel trick works so well it helps absorb the hidden moisture just make sure you can get them out and change them a few times.


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