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X1 brake failure

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2018 X1 owned by daughter. FSH and fully maintained.

9 weeks ago she nipped down to shops for fish & chips, and braked behind turning car - brakes didn’t function resulting in mounting the kerb to avoid collision and scraping down the side of her car.


Insurance company won’t authorise repairs until brakes fixed, and BMW now want £2,000+ to repair brakes.


Anyone had experience or advice of litigation process to break us out of this nightmare?





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Morning Nellie

Welcome to the Forum

The cause of the brake failure needs identifying and fixing, you say the car has a full history has a brake service been carried out ? By whom ? And when? Has the brake fluid level been checked ? Brakes are hydraulic in a closed system if they are losing fluid the leak certainly  needs identifying and fixing. Has your daughter noticed any fluid on the floor or reduced braking effect (soft pedal) before the incident ?

I don't understand your insurers, if a car was towed to the body shop they would repair the body and paint not test drive it ? But hey Insurers rule we can't move without it these days


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Hi Dave

MoT and 45,000 mile service in August. No fluid leaks, and fluid level checked post-accident - fine.

car went to BMW garage who reported master cylinder failure, and £1,400 to replace. Insurance is with Tesco.

Thinking maybe we need to contact ombudsman for help to break this standoff.

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Morning Nellie

The Master Cylinder in your car was used in several BMW Models from 1 series to Mini so should be available from a good Auto Factors 

I would expect to pay around a £150 or so (may be double if BMW OEM) plus Brake fluid a BMW Dealer will charge around £200 + per hr that is around 5 hrs labour ??

Find a Good Independent garage and ask for a price to replace the Brake Master Cylinder

As for the Insurers I have used Tesco insurance and (touches wood) never had to use it, are the brakes part of the claim? If not I am at a loss 

Good Luck


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Hi Dave 

BMW quoted £400 for the cylinder and £900 labour.

Tesco have insisted the accident was caused by the brake failure so won’t cover those costs, and won’t authorise the bodywork repair until they’re fixed.

Daughter has so far lost her no claims, facing a big bill, still paying the lease bubble, lost the cost of their driving holiday to France. Life sucks.




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