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White smoke on start up

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Hi, I’ve had to go through hell and back in the last 6 weeks, long and short is that I bought a 2011 e70 40d and was fine for a week then engine started making a horrible noise, turned out to be a spun bearings and had picked up on the shells, 
So I found someone to do the job but he was extremely busy with other jobs so done mine when he could.. in the end he got the engine skimmed and had to fit new rings, bearings, crankshaft etc , also new tapets and new rocket cover and head gaskets, new cam chain kit 
also after everything was built on the engine he had to buy a new flywheel from bmw for £450 because old one was bent and car wouldn’t go into gear, apparently the engine damaged caused the flywheel to slight bend. Anyway after the rebuild engine back in and everything running there was white smoke coming out of the exhaust a little on idle and if you took it up the road it would clear, looking on his diagnostic code reader it said that 2 of the 6 injectors were out of range and were over fuelling, we took it up the road again and the smoke cleared, the smoke didn’t come back till the next morning on first start up same again small lot of smoke then 2 minutes up the road and on to a bigger road foot down and lots of smoke then it cleared again… I didn’t have this problem before the engine rebuild , now engine has been rebuilt I’ve got this issue 
He tells me that the injectors have to learn Them selfs for them to run correctly 
I’ve paid 8.5k for the car, another 5k bill for engine rebuild 🥲 the garage that sold me it must of new something was wrong 
I had noticed that the rocker cover gasket was leaking later that night as smelt like oil , and it was confirmed when engine was rebuild, but did he know about the bearings going? Apparently the oil pump and filter had loads of metal in them on stripping the engine .. I’ve got 2.5 k back from him , he paid me 1.5k after I told him I broke down then another 1k after me telling him of a 4.5 k engine rebuild etc
Now he has blocked me off eBay 
Anyhow what’s the thoughts on the white smoke , p. S car runs and drives fine 
No hesitation, drives fast , no smoke after it’s cleared 

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Morning Aaron

Welcome to the Forum

First the White smoke id there a smell of fuel in the smoke ? Looking at the spread across the injectors something isn't right but the guy who rebuilt the engine would have had no reason to disturb them as he would take off the head and rebuild the bottom end ?


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Hi greydog, 

The  engine was totally rebuilt as it had spun the bearings, new head gasket, was also skimmed, also it had a rocker cover oil leak so the gasket was replaced too, apparently it had new rings, bearings, new shells-picked up on the shells , new oil pump, lifters as he said they were stuck in, also he put a remap on it after for better fuel performance
hope that helps a bit.. it definitely wasn’t smoking like that before rebuild, I went up road today again and when you flaw it the smoke stays behind on the road then no more smoke untill Next day start up ??


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Firstly, I sympathies to your woes. It's never fun buying a car then having major issues with it. Normally bearings fail almost instantly and it's down to zero oil or oil pressure, yes it's true there is an element of wear on all parts over a long period of time but with a constant supply of good oil it's almost impossible to fail like that. 
There are of course some engines that have a poor design and do have a failure of bearings or other components but I'm not sure if this is the case with your engine.

The smoke can be a number of things, blue smoke is oil, black smoke is fuel, and white smoke is normally always coolant. Grey smoke is a mix of the above.

If your chap has skimmed your engine and by that I think you mean the cylinder head ? Then it's possible that coolant along with some other fluids may have escaped into your exhaust when your engine failed and what your seeing is the residue escaped from the exhaust system, this is almost always worse when it's cold (think of condensation) and will probably take a long while to clear quite possibly months.

However, I'm inclined to go back to coolant for this issue. Are you loosing coolant ? Check over the course of a week or two it has to be going somewhere. Your mechanic can also perform a coolant system pressure test to help expedite a diagnosis 👍

your injectors need servicing/changing for sure but I don't think it'll make a difference to your white smoke. But worth doing.

hope this helps.

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