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BMW IX EV Driver assistance got me Fined for speeding!


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Very bad experience with my BME IX EV and have now been fined for speeding, the BMW Driver assistance software features as part of the BMW driver experience have failed and are useless and i think BMW need to inform all drivers that this is for basic guidance only and does not actually work as can you can find your car accelerating to 50MPH in a 30MPH zone through no fault of your own if you do not disable these services and I’m sure this will lead to more BMW drivers being fined / penalised, having accidents and loosing their licence. i think BMW really need to take this seriously and inform the relevant management as to what is going on and issue a warning to all BMW IX EV Drivers at the very least. i cannot understand how you can allow a BMW customer to continue drive a vehicle that has an inherent issue and cannot accurately stick to the UK speed limit and is dangerous and illegal? As anyone else had this issue or now of how i can take action to try to get this inhermnt faault recognised by BWM? This is the pathetic response from my local dealer and BMW dealership and the BMW compiants dept: "Thanks for your email. I'm part of the escalations team here at BMW UK, so this has been passed to me to look into. I’m sorry to hear about your recent experience – I can understand how frustrating this must be for you. The speed limit via the navigation or assisted driving setting is only a guide. As BMW Customer Services aren't technically trained, nor do we see or work on the vehicles, we rely on our trained technicians within our Approved Centre to diagnose any faults with your vehicle. As BMW Inchcape Chelmsford have advised your vehicle is up to date, we're unable to dispute these findings. Your welcome to contact another BMW Approved Centre for a second opinion, but any further costs of this would be down to yourself. You can find an alternative BMW Approved Centres here. I'm sorry to disappointment you further on this occasion."

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Morning Wayne

Welcome to the Forum

Sorry to pour cold water on your plea but in the UK as the driver of the vehicle you are responsible !!

The systems in your car are "Driver Assistance" not an Autonomous system where the driver can sit back and do nothing. Autonomous Systems don't exist as far as I am aware in the UK, neither are they legal in the UK as far as I am aware.

Sat Nav systems even online will always be behind all mapping and speed data changes as they have to be registered and updated as an example Wales is moving all 30mph limits to 20mph this weekend!

If you want an autonomous experience in a car I believe they are called Taxi's 


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