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Complete Electrical shut-down after Key-fob issue..??

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Hi, I'm newhere and have obtained my first BMW (old 2005 Touring 525i). Iwas using it for 3 days when the alarm went off at 4am in the morning. I went to shut it off but the key had no affect whatsoever and using the key in the doors did nothing. After about 5 or 6 cycles of the alarm going it finally stopped. So I got in the car and tried the key in the ignition. At first I just got a load of 'clicking' sounds with flickering dashboard lights when trying the key but after a few attempts the whole car went completely and utterly dead??

The battery did not seem weak at the time so I am really baffled as to whats gone on. I did read that if you attempt to start the car with a dodgy Fob a certain amount of times the car will shut-down or something (?) but I can find no evidence of this elsewhere or what I can do to get power back etc..

I have sent the Fob off for repair (due back today) as it did not even have a battery inside the Fob!! The car had been running perfectly for 3 days before this happened..any ideas on my situation or what has happened would be brilliant and any cure to get things back-up and running would leave me eternally grateful guys?


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Hi Gary 

Welcome to the Forum

First if there was no battery in the key fob the Central Locking wouldn't work? So have you been opening and locking the car on the Key?

The alarm triggering, were all windows fully closed no Moths or Flying things in the car? If the windows were shut the culprit could be the bonnet switch they often malfunction just disconnect it in the short term.

The clicking when you tried to start is a symptom of a dead/dying battery if you are going to charge it make sure you charge from the charging points under the bonnet or remove the battery to charge it. Do not ever attach a charger or jump leads to the battery terminals with it connected to the car you can damage some sensitive components £££

So check the battery and Charge it or Replace it. Then with the Fob back test it to see if the Central Locking is working, if it isn't don't panic you may just need to sync the Fob with the car. Then start the car. If they have replaced the battery in the Fob with the correct one it should charge by induction when it is in the ignition.

If you still get clicking then the starter motor is the last suspect 

Hope this helps  


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