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Recent 330D M-Sport Touring Purchase

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Hi All,


Recently purchased an F30 330D M-Sport, looking to use it as a daily / potentially a few very soft mods to spice it up a bit. 

I expected to replace the brakes but other than that it's a solid car and very clean for it's age!


I have got to fix the iDrive system or more than likely fit an android auto screen but hopefully I'll find all I need to know on here! If anyone has any good ideas regarding that or keeping her in top shape for the future, or common things to look out for I'm all ears!

Cheers, Will 


pro-LYmNKfoW - Copy.jpeg

pro-SgSHSIdk - Copy.jpeg

pro-W8JKQMy7 - Copy.jpeg

pro-zRsBPtUK - Copy.jpeg

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Morning Will

Welcome to the Forum

A very nice looking motor, the brakes though !! That rotor looks like its been parked under water the inner half of the rotor looks thinner (if it isn't an illusion) possibly the calliper is or has been binding. I would check all the suspension bushes front and rear as my experience is their life is 80 to 100k. I am half way through a suspension rebuild on my X5 3.0d at the moment Brakes I changed last year.

My brother inlaw has always run 5 touring's as his business car, on his 6th now (2nd 540d) he has all his cars stage 1 mapped from new all his cars have been run to 150k+ without any dramas.

So I say work through the niggles and ENJOY



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