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Hi All,


I am Julian from sunny West Sussex in the UK, owned a BMW back in the day and now looking to buy an X5 M sport 30/40d as the lease car goes back in March so have joined as part of the home work into which and what to buy, also if there’s any good indie workshops about.

I have been involved in Volvo and Landrover forums in the past.

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Evening Julian. 
go for an x5, you will have a great time! 
are you getting it for yourself or on lease through your company?  
my boss just got a diesel one and his tax and payments are ridiculous.
if it’s for yourself, just be wary of the economy mode… there isn’t one! 😂


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Hi Stu,

I have leased VWs for the last 2 cars personally as the deals were good, unfortunately there is no good deals now and 18 month waiting lists so I have decided to buy a used X5, I think my budget will offer up something around the 2015 / 2016 area, having owned a discovery before I leased I know all about making sure I get the right one so not to get stitched.

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Morning Julian

Welcome to the Forum

The X5 F15 in the year range your considering came with 3.0d, 3.5d, 4.0d and M50d all models based on the 3.0 straight six diesel with variations in turbo's and ECU tuning (plus a lot of other stuff of course) 

X5's can be addictive (I have 2) my X5 E53 4.6is is in store now to help preserve it, my X5 E70 3.0d is driven everyday around town/short journeys it returns mid/high 20's on a run early 40's on a visit to our daughter in the midlands towing the horse trailer it returned 37mpg 

So the F15 in any flavour will be a nice place to be, as with any used car History History History is vital. For support try Andy Walker at Walker's Autotech in Wisborough Green very knowledgeable and reasonably priced he may even be able to help source something for you. Also The German Car Company just outside Horsham at Monks Gate on the A281

Good Luck with the Hunt


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Hi Dave,

thanks for the info, I am in Billingshurst so those 2 places are very local and will help in the future, should be in a position to seriously find a car just after Christmas as the lease goes back in March, there are a couple of local dealers here that have what I am looking for but from what I can see there a bit over priced so might will have to look a bit further out.

I have not driven one yet but I am sure I will like the ride.

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