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3 Series G20 320i M Sport LCI B48 - colour options

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Never owned a BMW previously, typically Jags, Range Rovers, Mercs and Audi. 
Looking at the above model and a little disappointed in the colour choice. Aside from an unappealing grey choice seems to be limited to red, white or blue. Local dealerships doesn’t have much to show due to little new build availability therefore I’d welcome and views, thoughts or even pics if you have 1 of these colours. Thanks 

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Morning Eric

Welcome to the Forum

A neighbours wife has just taken delivery of a £ series touring in Mediterranean Blue Metalic are you sure the Dealer isn't trying to sell you what they have ?

I believe the colour pallet should include

  • Alpine White
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Metallic
  • Vermont Bronze Metallic
  • Sunset Orange Metallic
  • Mediterranean Blue Metallic
  • Mineral Gray Metallic
  • Mineral White Metallic
  • Glacier Silver Metallic
  • Melbourne Red Metallic
  • Jet Black
  • Black Sapphire Metallic


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They don't have any stock therefore it is a new build. According to BMW the colours are:-

Alpine or Mineral White
Melbourne red 
Portimao or Tanzania blue 
Brooklyn, Dravit or Skyscraper grey
I think perhaps they have changed the colours for the uplift version that has the 26 inch glass digital dash and infotainment panel.
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24 minutes ago, Greydog said:

Our neighbour's car was "new build to order" ordered in Feb or March from recollection wide screen system and all bells and whistles.

Good luck with the purchase hope you get something you like


Thanks for that

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