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bmw X3

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Hi Have a 2007 BMW X3.  Every so often it just won't start.  Mechanic in town has checked all the obvious points that could cause this problem.  He calls it a ghost problem, and can't pin point the cause.  All suggestions appreciated.

thanks, joyce

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Morning Joyce

Welcome to the Forum

Which X3 do you have Petrol or Diesel? Which engine there are 7 or 8 options, manual or Automatic all information that will help us. 

Has a diagnostic scan been carried out BMW systems will retain fault history so even a fault not present can be identified. You will need a BMW capable diagnostic program though something along the lines of BMW INPA or ISTA would be best or Foxwell or I-carsoft there may be others now that I am not aware of as I use BMW ISTA.



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Hi Joyce. 
do you have two keys? If so, try the other one, see if the transponder is not working. 
a common issue is the ignition relay? Located on the steering column behind the ignition barrel. 
As greaydog posted, try and get a live scan done. I found my car (x5) had in intermittent starting issue and with the live scan I could see the key wasn’t always being read by the car to engage the immobiliser. Without the live scan I was doomed. I used bmw 1.4.0 

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