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Low Suspension

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I took my car to get the locking wheel off and BMW specialist said the previous owner had lowered the suspension, which in my opinion was not a great idea, especially on the roads in the New Forest. I forgot to ask him but is there an easy way of rte-adjusting the height back to normal, not as hot is some 2" off the ground on the sump plastic cover protection the underside.

It feels more like an F1 car, not only feel all the bumps on the road bit scars along the bottom even with a 1" pot hole 

Appreciate any input.



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Morning Joseph

It will depend on how the car has been lowered if the last owner was a Neanderthal they could have done it the stupid way and either heated the spring or cut a coil off. Solution new standard springs.

If they used a set of propriety lowering springs (many available) then as above a new set of standard springs will be the fix

If your luck they may have fitted a set of fully adjustable shock/spring set in which case you may be able to restore the ride height by simple adjustment. However ride comfort may not change if they also fitted a higher rate spring set.

Changing them is a DIY proposition but you will need a set decent set of spring compressors and spanners a jack and axel stands. Obviously if using a garage then you will have a cost for labour and parts

Good Luck




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