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  1. Hi Dave, I started the car yesterday after leaving it for 3 days in the garage and it was as rough as anything, which was strange as 3 days ago I drove it for 30 miles there and 30 miles back no problem or warning lights. Yet yesterday, the engine warning light came back on, flashing orange this time and more fault code on my diagnostic that I can believe. I will attach the screen shots. Over the weekend I think I will check everything we did to ensure all cables, coils and spark plugs are fitted correctly. This car is slowly driving me around the bend. Someone asked me if the car has been calibrated to the coils/injectors. 3A1336CA-720D-4793-B9D4-814A5B4626E3.heic 677C90AA-DBC4-4B31-93F8-EC9074B43C4C.heic A794167F-808A-43B7-90C4-F526541627ED.heic 1080D70B-B213-4626-ABA9-D846B38B142C.heic 35E0B85E-375F-490F-B58B-0E751772EB1A.heic 81BC22A3-2D97-42E3-9BF1-F78E5B5C9387.heic 7E154AB2-5160-4F99-9B3C-A7273A22D9F2.heic AAC7A883-A6FB-4CDE-A8D2-07D05D4A6059.heic 3C3776FA-A03F-41BE-89F3-8D13B7D0298B.heic 16670628-553B-4D01-B8C1-5FDE6C874562.heic 1977DFEB-590B-49E5-A228-D49C7A70E259.heic FFF6A3BF-DCC1-46DA-BF0A-1763EC29F22A.heic 6DB40189-FFE8-4AE3-ADC4-AE898A6BD88A.heic C18B33A7-189F-4D4C-9BDC-79B05D1AF4F6.heic B5A4D855-A420-4896-B880-E47C8FC50027.heic 70AEF985-AD63-464E-A254-729B4E754069.heic 9437B98F-6BEF-410D-B356-1E7109460B55.heic 733D2B55-CECD-488C-8DD2-1E501949AA93.heic A658041D-3098-4F69-AD16-27B82C49C507.heic 7147ED7E-19ED-48DB-AFDE-774050823EB9.heic 8E3657FD-8613-446A-8AF0-A06056B28968.heic
  2. Thanks again for your advice. I will check all the connectors and loom. Yes both the coils and plugs were new and all Bosch, thought it best to go for better quality. Not sure how to check for manifold leaks but will Google. Thanks again for you prompt advice. Joseph
  3. Thanks Dave, I will re-check more closely the wire and connectors again more closely. I will swap over the injectors and see if the fault changers from 1&2 to something else, if it does then I know it will be the injector. I have already replaced all 4 plugs and coils. It changed from cylinder 2 &3 before the changing the plugs and coils, after changing them it changed to cylinders 1 & 2. Will keep you updated. Joseph
  4. Thanks Dave, I checked the connectors and cables and all seems OK. I also disconnected the battery and waited 15 minutes, then reconnected. I started the car and it had a rough idle and orange engine light came on with 29CD/CE/CC Combustion cylinder 1& 2, several cylinders, cleared the codes. I waited until this morning and started the car and it runs fine, I took it for a drive and seemed OK BUT could this be because I cleared the fault on my diagnostic device or do you think it may be resolved. Just concerned whether I make long journeys or not. As you said if it was Vanos then it would come up on the fault code different to 29 CD/CE/CC. If it was injectors, would fault have the 29 code faults or would it be a separate code to 29. Dare I say if the fault comes back on could it be a more drastic problem??? Any advice always appreciated.
  5. Many thanks for all your replies. So over the weekend we changed coils, plugs, oil filter, pollen filter and air filter. Before I had " Compression cylinder 2 & 3 ." Now when I start the car, it still difficult to start and it pops up with:- 1 - 29CD DME - Combustion misfire cylinder 1 2 - 29CE DME - Combustion misfire cylinder 2 3 - 29CC DME - Combustion misfires, several cylinders. Could this be down to the Vanos need cleaning, or something more drastic Appreciate any tips/advice. Many thanks Joseph
  6. Dave Thanks again for your input Joseph
  7. Hi everyone, My car atm has 205/45 R16, which is strange as the specs my car should have according to BMW are 205/55 R16. However, when I type this into the various tyre companies using 205/55 R16, it does not accept with my reg number. I have checked the tyres that are on the car and they are 205/45 R16. I took it to a BMW garage and they said it looks like the previous owner put 45s on instead of 55s to lower the car slightly. He insisted that I should put 55s back on. Do you agree with this as I need 4 tyres, Also he said that normally the front and rears can also be different but not in my case. Confused.com Many thanks Joseph
  8. Many thanks for the advice.
  9. Can I safely use 5w/40 instead of 5w/30
  10. Many thanks Dave, much appreciated
  11. I took my car to get the locking wheel off and BMW specialist said the previous owner had lowered the suspension, which in my opinion was not a great idea, especially on the roads in the New Forest. I forgot to ask him but is there an easy way of rte-adjusting the height back to normal, not as hot is some 2" off the ground on the sump plastic cover protection the underside. It feels more like an F1 car, not only feel all the bumps on the road bit scars along the bottom even with a 1" pot hole Appreciate any input. Joseph
  12. There are so many oils on the market, which oil would you recommend for my car. Don't want the cheapest , equally the BMW oil is so expensive, don't think it is worth it there must be a happy medium on the market. Many thanks in advance. Joseph
  13. Many thanks, will do that first. Joseph
  14. Thanks for the reply. What I found this morning when I started the car, no splutter, no orange engine warning light and diagnostic showed no fault, totally confused now. May have to take it to a garage which is something I would rather not do but the last thing I want is to ruin the engine by driving it .
  15. Hi, So I bought the Creator C310+ Code Reader C310 Multi System Scan Tool Compatible for BMW Diagnostic Tool. I connected it and it came up with Compression cylinder 2 & 3 . As I mentioned the car splutters when I start it and have to dab the accelerator a few times to keep it going. The engine light comes on. After a while the engine smooths out and seems to run well but the Engine Orange Warning light stays on. I can clear it but that is not resoling the problem. Do you feel a full service, plugs, coil, fuel/oil filter will resolve it or could it be something more drastic??!!?? Any advice is always appreciated. Cheers Joseph
  16. Many thanks for your assistance, always appreciated. Joseph
  17. or Creator C310+ Code Reader C310 Multi System Scan Tool Compatible for BMW Diagnostic Tool
  18. Hi All, I need to buy a scanner and tbh I would rather not spend a lot, what does anyone think of the :- MOTOPOWER OBD2 Scanner Universal Car Engine Fault Code Reader, CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBD II Protocol Cars for my car
  19. Greydog, Thank you very much for your prompt reply, very much appreciated. Joseph
  20. Hi I just bought my first BMW 120i SE Convertible and when I start it up all was fine and I drove it back home (from Reading) New Forest and now when I start it in the mornings it splutters and the engine warning stays on. Sometimes if I switch off, take out the key, lock the car and unlock and start again engine light goes out and it no longer splutters. However, today the engine light does not go out, stays on ORANGE CONSTANT. I will buy a diagnostic scanner to narrow it down and service the car but I'm a little concerned it's a bigger problem. Any ideas from anyone would be much appreciated Many thanks Joseph
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