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  1. Dashcam fitted, rear camera working treat, all cable hidden, very pleased and thank you so much for your advice, greatly appreciated. It still such a shame they put the fusebox in such an inaccessible place, WHO DOES THAT🥵
  2. This is the card I found on the internet. I have circled the fuses I believe are for my car. Also, I have never had so much trouble trying to access a fusebox in my life. You have to take off so much so you can work on the fusebox itself, what were BMW thinking
  3. Hi, I bought a WOLFBOX Rear View Mirror Camera:Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear 4K+2.5K for Car with 12" Full Touch Screen, Waterproof Backup WDR Camera, Night Vision, G-Sensor, Parking Assist,Free 64GB Card & GPS. Ran all the cables under the trim, looks really good. I also bought the Hard Wire to plug into the fuse box. My question is which space do I plug it in, everything on line says pull out an existing fuse and use the adaptor to add 2 fuses but I have lots of live slots. I have spent hours on line and different people say different thing. I have a Battery cable (Contast) yellow\ & a red cable ACC (only works when car is on) I attach a photo of my fuse box and I was either 1 - Going to plug it into one of the free space that tally with constant power (bat) and only when key on (Acc) 2 - No 54 - take 7.5 fuse - purple out (Bat) and plug it there, far bottom left of photo & No. 57 - take 15 amp fuse out bottom right blue fuse
  4. Hi Dave, Bike brake lead worked a treat and now installed with no visible cable. Thank you so much for the advice. Another job ticked off Joseph
  5. Hi Dave, Many thanks for that, I will keep you updated with the steps I took. Great advice once again Joseph
  6. Photos: 1 - Car 2 - CAble plugged in to central consol by hand brake 3 - airvents and storage compartments removed 4 - Ran the cable along the plastric trim by drivers side wopuld like to feed it up to the dash. 5 & 6 - view from above to see if there is acces from the drivers footwell. 7 - Just shows where I would like the cable to come out It all looks really tight space wise and may not be possible but thought I would try.
  7. I want to run a mobile lead from the central glove box adaptor along the driver's side, tucking the cable behind the plastic trim. I have removed the dashboard storage box and central air vents, I am trying to get the cable from the drivers foot well up to the central storage box. This is where I am stuck, does anyone know if I can run the cable without removing the radio, air con etc etc. I can send photos if it is easier. Many thanks, Joseph
  8. great advice, will check everything before I order anything, thanks again
  9. Hi Stu, Thanks for that, so just rear shocks and springs, not fronts? Quarry do them at a very reasonable price.
  10. No noise that I can hear, it's just every bump in the road I feel. When I bought the car it was scrapping on most roads, so replaced all the tyres and it was better, as it did not scrape the road so much.
  11. I believe they are 16" according to the tyres but when I measured they were 17"
  12. Great, so I saw on this site how to remove the empty phone cradle and taped up and tucked the wires behind the central consul and replaced the empty cradle. I remember someone saying they found a replacement central consul so I have more space, so I will google to see if I can find one. Thanks again for your advice. Joseph
  13. The tyres I changed to were 205/55R 16 - The wheel size is 17". Spent a fortune on sorting out the splutter, so reluctant to buy smaller new wheels atm. Do you think the car has been lowered, please see attached photos. Many thanks.
  14. So here goes: Very first car and others: Triumph Herald 1200 (12/50), white sunshine roof and red seats TR6 x 3 Porsche 924 Turbo Range Rover P38 Jaguar XJ x4(XJ40, X300 & 2 x 308X) Daimler Super V8 LWB Sabb 900 cab Volvo V70 Mini one Range Rover L322 BMW 120i E88 ------ Wife's cars Morris Marina Citroen Diana (2CV) Golf cab Series 1 Golf Cab new version
  15. One final question, can I just clip the cables and hide them, after I have capped them off of course.
  16. Thought I would update everyone. So after many many months of trying to find out where it spluttered and went into default and changing: 1 - Plugs twice 2 - Coils twice 3 - Cylinder head 4 - Checked all wiring 5 -Checked injectors. It was coil number 2, which was faulty twice, even swapping them around didn't show anything. So it just goes to show patience and perseverance works eventually, glad the AA paid part of the garage bill. Now the car runs like a dream. Thanks to all of you for your input very much appareciated.
  17. My E88 has a stiff ride when I first bought it. So I changed from run flats to standard tyres, however, although the clearance from the floor is slightly higher so not scrapping as much as it used to but I feel every bump in the road. My local garage said if you changed the tyres, then another way to soften the ride could be to replace the coils (about £100 on eBay) and you get springs that can raise the car another 1" or so. What does anyone think? I have watched lots of YouTube that go on about air suspension etc but that is way too expensive for a 2008 car in my humble opinion. Just wanted to know if there are any reasonably priced options to soften the ride and raise the car, so it clears these new Forest Roads, which are not the best in the country Many Thanks as always, I look forward to your replies.
  18. Thanks for the feedback.
  19. Hi Dave, Once again many thanks for your input. I will get it checked, hopefully by a local member. Cheers again Joseph
  20. Hi everyone, Does anyone know what these cables are for, I have tried to follow them but they are encased in the plastic, so can't chase them back to source any ideas. They come up through the central console. Many thanks once again, please see attached photos. Cheers Joseph
  21. Hi Dave, Many thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated. Once I decide on which Mirror cam to use I will update this thread. Just thought I would say this is a great site and has helped me enjoy my driving experience with my BMW. Thanks to everyone that has helped me over the past 12 months, she now drives like a dream. Cheers Joseph
  22. I'm considering getting a 12" Mirror Dash Cam with a rear camera. However, the ones I am looking at are to cover over the interior mirror. I notice there is a sensor on it, will this dash cam cause problems with the mirror sensor 1 - WOLFBOX G840S 12" 4K Mirror Dash Cam Car Camera, 2160P Full HD Smart Rearview Mirror for Cars & Trucks, Front and Rear View Dual Cameras, Night Vision, Parking Assistance, Free 32GB Card & GPS 2 - JOMISE 4K UHD Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera, Rearview Mirror Camera for Cars & Trucks with 11" IPS Touch Screen, Backup Camera with Type-C Connector/Starvis Sensor/Parking Monitor -G814 3 - Camecho Apple Carplay Android Auto Mirror Dash Cam 9.66 Inch 1080P IPS Touch Screen Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera Car Rear View Mirror Loop Recording Wide Angle Parking Assistance Thank you very much. Joseph
  23. Hi Dave, I started the car yesterday after leaving it for 3 days in the garage and it was as rough as anything, which was strange as 3 days ago I drove it for 30 miles there and 30 miles back no problem or warning lights. Yet yesterday, the engine warning light came back on, flashing orange this time and more fault code on my diagnostic that I can believe. I will attach the screen shots. Over the weekend I think I will check everything we did to ensure all cables, coils and spark plugs are fitted correctly. This car is slowly driving me around the bend. Someone asked me if the car has been calibrated to the coils/injectors. 3A1336CA-720D-4793-B9D4-814A5B4626E3.heic 677C90AA-DBC4-4B31-93F8-EC9074B43C4C.heic A794167F-808A-43B7-90C4-F526541627ED.heic 1080D70B-B213-4626-ABA9-D846B38B142C.heic 35E0B85E-375F-490F-B58B-0E751772EB1A.heic 81BC22A3-2D97-42E3-9BF1-F78E5B5C9387.heic 7E154AB2-5160-4F99-9B3C-A7273A22D9F2.heic AAC7A883-A6FB-4CDE-A8D2-07D05D4A6059.heic 3C3776FA-A03F-41BE-89F3-8D13B7D0298B.heic 16670628-553B-4D01-B8C1-5FDE6C874562.heic 1977DFEB-590B-49E5-A228-D49C7A70E259.heic FFF6A3BF-DCC1-46DA-BF0A-1763EC29F22A.heic 6DB40189-FFE8-4AE3-ADC4-AE898A6BD88A.heic C18B33A7-189F-4D4C-9BDC-79B05D1AF4F6.heic B5A4D855-A420-4896-B880-E47C8FC50027.heic 70AEF985-AD63-464E-A254-729B4E754069.heic 9437B98F-6BEF-410D-B356-1E7109460B55.heic 733D2B55-CECD-488C-8DD2-1E501949AA93.heic A658041D-3098-4F69-AD16-27B82C49C507.heic 7147ED7E-19ED-48DB-AFDE-774050823EB9.heic 8E3657FD-8613-446A-8AF0-A06056B28968.heic
  24. Thanks again for your advice. I will check all the connectors and loom. Yes both the coils and plugs were new and all Bosch, thought it best to go for better quality. Not sure how to check for manifold leaks but will Google. Thanks again for you prompt advice. Joseph
  25. Thanks Dave, I will re-check more closely the wire and connectors again more closely. I will swap over the injectors and see if the fault changers from 1&2 to something else, if it does then I know it will be the injector. I have already replaced all 4 plugs and coils. It changed from cylinder 2 &3 before the changing the plugs and coils, after changing them it changed to cylinders 1 & 2. Will keep you updated. Joseph
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