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BMW 5 series EST 2016

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Hi as anyone replaced rear self levelling shock absorbers, for standard non levelling shock absorbers as they are £100 compared to £800.

What happens to the wiring.

Thanks John

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Morning John

Welcome to the Forum

As the wiring will not be connected to anything the system will think there is a Fault so you will get warnings about inactive self leveling suspension. I would think it is possible to "Code" out the warnings using ISTA/INPA 

There may be further complications if you have self levelling on all 4 corners when it comes to coding out the warnings. I don't know if leaving the warning will cause a limp mode situation with the car thinking it has suspension failure.

I have coded out several X5 and a couple of 5 series with rear only Air suspension when the owners have gone to conventional springs. Nothing on a car as new as yours though. My personal preference is OEM so my X% still runs rear self leveling air suspension.


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