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replacement A/C condenser o rings and bolts for 97 2.8 Z-3

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I am trying to replace my A/C condenser on my 97 2.8 Z-3 and misplaced the mounting hardware and need to ensure that I install the correct size o rings as well . I have contacted several BMW dealers and they have offered little to no assistance . I feel  certain that I am not the first one that had dealt with this issue so any assistance would be greatly appreciated . Thanks , Keith 

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Morning Daryl

Welcome to the Forum

Great car 

Attached is a section from www.realoem.com a BMW online parts list just put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box and it will bring up your model then just look at the section you need. If you double click any part number you will get a list of other models that it was used on. If your changing the condenser dont forget the Dryer/evaporator.

I would then Google the part numbers and see what comes up BMW have a large Classic section so I would say you have a lazy Dealer ?? Change them, try dropping an Email to Cotswold BMW parts department they have always been helpful and there are some good discounts on parts for older models. Or just google the parts surprising what comes up sometimes.

Hope this helps


Air condit.condenser and mounting parts 
No. Description Supp. Qty  From   Up To  Part Number Price   Notes
01 Condenser air conditioning   1     64538398181 $529.62    
02 Hex head screw ST6,3X45-C-Z2 2     07119916848 $0.54    
03 Spacer sleeve   2     64538353083 $4.63    
04 Grommet   2     64538353084 $3.00    
05 Body nut ST6,3-1-ZN 2     07129925742 $0.25   ENDED
05 Body nut ST6,3-1 2   06/2002 07129901663 $0.20   ENDED
05 Body nut ST6,3-1-ZNS3 2     07129904231      
  • ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available).

Copyright © RealOEM.com

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