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Exhaust Upgrade

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Have got a 2007 E85 2.0ltr convertible. Does anyone know of an “ off the shelf “ cat back exhaust I could get.

Have done lots of googling but can’t seem to find anything listed for a 2.0ltr

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Morning Zen

I have a feeling you will need to contact one of the specialist exhaust system builders for help with this one 

A friend of our son used a company called Gravity on Ebay earlier this year Stainless 2.5" Cat back system he had to fit it himself (with help) It took two of them (him and our son) longer to get the old exhaust off than fit the new one which seemed well made and fitted well plus sounds good. Tip he hadn't brought new rubber hangers well worth doing

Not used them myself and only seen this one being fitted by two enthusiastic but not very competent  lads, gave me lots of amusement on a Saturday morning.



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