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Bmw e92 325i no power!


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Right hi everyone new to this forum i need some help
Iv got a e92 with a n52b25 block i bought the car misfiring badly sound like a tractor done some diagnostics it showed cylinder 5 misfire small disa o2 sensors etc
This is what iv changed

Small disa
Rocker cover gasket
Checked all intake pipes cleaned up block 
Car runs smooth now but no power
Cleared fault codes done a check again no misfire or small disa issue
Just shows rear abs sensor rotation wrong outside temp sensor and lambda sensors I bought these should arrive by friday could this be a reason why theres no power mad0259.gif


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Morning Gurtan

Welcome to the Forum

Normally Lambda faults will have an effect on mixture as the DME not getting the signals will revert to a basic fuel map so the car remains driveable. I would check the Throttle Body, fuel rail pressure and injectors.


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