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I have returned!!


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Hi all, I used to own a 3 series but I’ve now returned with a 1 series. 
I have an issue that I would be grateful if you can give me some advice please. I think these are all related:
1, I’m only getting heat on the passenger side vents.

2, it’s a bit lumpy just after release of the clutch (just not as smooth as it is when it’s warmer)

3, seems to take longer to warm up than I would expect. 
4, the engine switching to ready when stopped doesn’t happen going to work in the morning 6 1/2 mile journey, but does on the way home!

5, I have to use the air con to clear the screen .

so I’m obviously thinking thermostat, but am also wondering if it’s the splitter (think that’s what it’s called!!) or both!! 

Any help will be great please. Have a good one. 

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Hi Alan

Welcome Back 😁

Heat one side (why is it always the drivers feet that get cold ??) That will be the twin solenoid (splitter) in the engine bay. I assume you have checked the vent flaps are moving.

Lumpy after clutch release ? Could be DMF issue ?

Thermostat is a definite culprit for slow warm up and as it seems you need to change the twin solenoid you may as well change the Stat while in there 😅

I never turn my AC off so but not unusual to need AC to knock back humidity to clear the screen.

Certainly once the car is warming up faster you may find the Stop/Start operates more consistently.

A scan may help 

Good luck 


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