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  1. Hi all, I used to own a 3 series but I’ve now returned with a 1 series. I have an issue that I would be grateful if you can give me some advice please. I think these are all related: 1, I’m only getting heat on the passenger side vents. 2, it’s a bit lumpy just after release of the clutch (just not as smooth as it is when it’s warmer) 3, seems to take longer to warm up than I would expect. 4, the engine switching to ready when stopped doesn’t happen going to work in the morning 6 1/2 mile journey, but does on the way home! 5, I have to use the air con to clear the screen . so I’m obviously thinking thermostat, but am also wondering if it’s the splitter (think that’s what it’s called!!) or both!! Any help will be great please. Have a good one.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this site so an introduction needed! My names Alan and I own a 3 series E46 2.5i saloon 2001, I live in the Kingston/Tolworht area. I have in the past had some of the usual problems, like the inlet rubber pipes being perished, which I replaced! and in the main she drives really well. But I do have one problem that is really annoying when it happens. If I haven't used the car for 3 or 4 days and it's a very cold morning when I do try to start her, she fires up but wont start it's really lumpy and just doesn't want to run! If I then leave her until it's not so cold she runs as normal. If I have been using her daily and it's very cold she'll start no problem!! Very strange! I am at the moment getting a bit of a funny whistle when I start her from cold, but within 5 mins it's gone. Anyone have any ideas please? Thanks Alan
  3. Welcome to the BMW Owners Club e46alanb :)

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