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4CA0 Oil Pressure Switch, Plausibility

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So today I changed the fuel filter on my car as I thought the car sounded as if the injectors are starved on acceleration/under load the car runs a lot smoother and sounds a lot quieter it was overdue the fuel filter change … after I decided to scan my car with ISTA as I always do it’s a habit of mine I have a new error code 

4CA0 Oil pressure switch, plausibility 

my question is does this sensor control the oil pressure or does it just read the oil pressure and send it back to the DDE I have no warning lights on the dash I had cleared the fault and rescanned the car the fault didn’t return until I next took the car for a drive is it just a simple case of replacing the oil sensor when I can be bothered or shall I stop driving the car until it’s replaced cheers 


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Morning Dan

The oil pressure switch is on the Oil Filter housing and normally pretty much trouble free, the Thermal Oil level sensor in the sump is often a PITA 

The oil pressure switch/sensor could have been triggered by low voltage 

The fuel filter is often "forgotten/ignored" at service even by Main Dealers so good spot.


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