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18/19 inch wheel recommendations

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so….I have standard se wheels on my 535d f10.


they are immaculate with brand new top of the range tyres.



however, I am after inspiration for something a little more Gucci.


Recommendations would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance 

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Morning Simon

Check www.realoem.com for BMW recommendations 18" 19" 20" personally I would steer clear of bigger sizes as tyre options become restricted

It depends I guess on what it fitted now, are the current wheel/tyre combination staggered (wider at the back) or square (same width front and back) 

You could go to something like 20" 275x40x20R front and 315x35x20R rear or 20" 275x40x20R all round with spacers at the rear 

Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder so one mans "Gucci" is another mans Yuk 

Just enjoy your Beemer


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Depends on the look you are after to be honest. 
If you are to go the larger wheels route, it might be worth lowering the car too or you risk the tractor look. 
take a pic of your car from the side and photoshop some on there… try the likes of Khan wheels and then tone it down and see what looks good. 

my mate once said, pick the wheels and we make the car fit them… 


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