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My First BMW


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Hi everyone,

Spent most of motoring life in Fords. Was a driving instructor for 10 years in Vauxhalls and Fords (a brief spell in a Fiat 500 that is best forgotten). I've had a CMax for the last 4 years as our second pregnancy was twins, so 3 car seats and a wife in a Fiesta = unhappy wife!

Now they can fit in narrower car seats, and I'm no longer an instructor I decided I needed flappy paddles in my life so yesterday I picked up a 2018 320i MSport. Well happy to say the least! 13,800 miles, one owner, (whom brilliantly left a properly installed dashcam in).

Spending the day working through the manual, any hints or tips from more experienced users more than welcome!!!


Cheers all


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Welcome to the Forum Antony

There is a Register of BMW Specialists so depending on how deep your pockets are at service time they generally will be considerably less than the Main Dealer but will have all the right knowledge and kit. Having said that don't dismiss the Dealer as they often give well priced incentives.

Hope you enjoy your Beemer


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