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  1. For what it's worth (I'm a newbie to BMW) the two mates I know with beemers have both, independently, mentioned Pilot Sport4 S. One has a 70 plate Z4 Roadster, the other has (I think ) a M4.
  2. That’s great Dave, appreciate it, would never have known - thanks
  3. Hi everyone, Spent most of motoring life in Fords. Was a driving instructor for 10 years in Vauxhalls and Fords (a brief spell in a Fiat 500 that is best forgotten). I've had a CMax for the last 4 years as our second pregnancy was twins, so 3 car seats and a wife in a Fiesta = unhappy wife! Now they can fit in narrower car seats, and I'm no longer an instructor I decided I needed flappy paddles in my life so yesterday I picked up a 2018 320i MSport. Well happy to say the least! 13,800 miles, one owner, (whom brilliantly left a properly installed dashcam in). Spending the day working through the manual, any hints or tips from more experienced users more than welcome!!! Cheers all P
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