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Evening all

Nit sure if this has been answered a thousand times but I’ll ask away anyway. 

I have a 1tb hard drive that I want to install some diagnostic Software on to get a look at what’s going on with the car etc. Want to be able to programme etc

Will ista be the best one? 

Can it just be downloaded to and run from the external drive?

Where will I find a download for it? Is it paid or free?

Lastly, where will I find a cable for it to connect to the car?


Many thanks in advance 

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Morning Kenny

I brought mine through Ebay in 2005 (it was really cheap then) I found INPA/ISTA brought complete with cable I found it  fiddly to and get get going (it may be much easier now) so I also brought a copy of BMW 1.4.0 with cable. It loaded easily and I found/find it easier to navigate and use so it's still my 1st choice. INPA/ISTA does have the TIS function which I use though.

Just took a quick look at Ebay Full copy of INPA/ISTA with cable is about £70 BMW 1.4.0 is £15 both still a bargain when you think my local BMW Dealer is around £200 per/hr labour so a Diagnostic session will be at least £150 possibly more.

I have an old Dell laptop Win 7 version (Office unloaded)  that I first loaded Volvo Diagnostics onto followed by Mercedes Star, BMW INPA/ISTA, BMW 1.4.0 and Subaru. It is old and slow loading but serviceable. It sits on the shelf with 2 Autel hand scanners that get used on friends and neighbours cars from time to time. My son's and their friends like Dad's garage all the tools and a beer fridge and providing they clean my tools and restock the fridge they are welcome.

Never tried them on a External drive can't see a reason for it not working providing they are all compatible with your operating system (ie a 32 bit prog won't play nicely with a 64 bit system ) Good luck 


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On 8/25/2021 at 5:54 PM, Greydog said:


Looks like that could do the job nicely 


Wish I'd bought this a couple weeks ago lol. Can't find any with the software preloaded and a cable now. Could you point me in the direction of a decent download for ISTA+ and I'll just got with the original plan and use my external HDD? Also, are there any cables to avoid or do they all pretty much do the same thing?/




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