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Increased battery discharge message

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I have a 2013 E70 X5 40d. I was repeatedly getting an "increased battery discharge" alert popping up.

Took it to a battery retailer and they tested it and it was dying. So I got a new battery. But as soon as I drove off, the message kept coming up. Took it back and it was tested again and it was working fine and checked the alternator was maintaining charge and all ok.

However the message still won't go away.

Any idea how to clear this?

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Morning Cameron

Welcome to the Forum

I take it this is the check control message on the Idrive screen? 

First what use has the car been getting, many have been getting severely reduced use over the last year? It takes anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes driving to fully replace the starting discharge so lots of short journeys are one possible cause.

Check the cigarette lighters are not stuck in and drawing current, check that there isn't a phone charger or accessory plugged in that is drawing power. Then either give the car a good run or fully charge the battery overnight. 

If the above doesn't do the trick then a session on a diagnostic reader may be needed, that or a slow patient process pulling system fuses and checking for discharge until the culprit is found.

Hope this Helps


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply.

The car was only doing short drives over the last year, but I am in Australia and we are moving around now so it has had some long drives. The error message seems to have cleared now and hasn't come back.

Only problem now is the comfort features don't work, such as welcome lights off, keyless opening etc. I read that when a battery is dying these features default to go off to save power, but now they won't come back on!




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Hi Cameron (or should it be G'day)

I would still get the battery checked for age and condition. I thought that you could enable/disable the functions through your idrive settings just a tick box exercise ? If that doesn't work.

There is an old dealer trick of disconnect the battery, both leads for 30 mins then reconnect. This is like a hard reset on your computer, it will only be effective if the battery is good though. If that doesn't restore the settings then a diagnostic read is needed. You need someone (or buy your own) with a copy of INPA/ISTA or BMW 1.4.2 or another BMW capable reader. You can buy them now for less than the cost of a Diagnostic session at a Dealer.



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