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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply. The car was only doing short drives over the last year, but I am in Australia and we are moving around now so it has had some long drives. The error message seems to have cleared now and hasn't come back. Only problem now is the comfort features don't work, such as welcome lights off, keyless opening etc. I read that when a battery is dying these features default to go off to save power, but now they won't come back on! Cheers Cameron
  2. I have a 2013 E70 X5 40d. I was repeatedly getting an "increased battery discharge" alert popping up. Took it to a battery retailer and they tested it and it was dying. So I got a new battery. But as soon as I drove off, the message kept coming up. Took it back and it was tested again and it was working fine and checked the alternator was maintaining charge and all ok. However the message still won't go away. Any idea how to clear this?
  3. Thanks Dave, all I can find from that is the type of wheel being: BMW LA Wheel, M Double Spoke 333 and when googled it says its a Gloss-turned light alloy rim. No mention of the actual colour to repaint unfortunately.
  4. Hi I have some scratches on my X5 rims and want to try and repair myself. Can anyone please tell me the paint code to match the silver of the rims?? Same style as the ones in this picture. Many thanks!
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