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up and down idle in reverse only ( fix)

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Can low power steering fluid cause rough idle? One, the pump is putting heavy and inconsistent load on the engine, and two, there is a vacuum valve on the pump that is used to bring up the idle when the wheel is turned to compensate for load. With the fluid level low, the vacuum modulator is probably going all over the place, causing erratic idle.Sep. 21, 2010

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i had this problem for about 3 years , i have underground parking and parking is tight , so turning the steering wheel hard was causing up and down idle and sometimes stalling ....so i looked at my powering steering fluid tank it was low,i topped it up and everything when back to normal ......getting to the date sept.21,2010 was me doing a google search after words...and i copy and pasted my confirmation findings .thought this information could help some one ...it was a serious problem for me a couple of years 


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