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E90 dying overnight - 30g relay?

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Finally tearing into the issues with this new to me 2006 325xi

i left it on charge all day, and it was drawing almost 7 amps after the battery finished charging. 

I checked the relays and fuses and the one labeled 30g was warm to the touch, but the car had been off all day. 

I pulled it out and I noticed the automatic transmission gear selector light went out, which had been on whether the car was on or not. 

I’m not sure if the draw went down, I was measuring with a battery charger and after I opened the door it changed the power draw of course. 



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Morning Eric

The indicator light beside the gear selector should go out after about 10/15 mins, allowing all systems to shut down sequentially.

If the relay is hot/warm then something is energising it or probably the internal resistance is failing allowing the start/charge system to pull current or the starter could be on it's way. As the relay is the cheap bit I would replace it first, if the replacement energises then either the starter or possibly the CAS unit has a fault. The Magneti Marelli starter on my first X5 failed first symptoms were slow cranking even with a charged battery, then battery drain issues.

Good spot


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It wasn’t the relay, still goes dead just not as fast.  It’s not going to sleep for some reason. 

I pulled the codes, pretty much all of them are under/over voltage codes which would be expected when the battery dies. 

I hear something that sounds like a small fan running behind the hvac controls, is there a cooling fan in there for the navigation radio?

IBS sensor is hooked up now, we drove it for 17 hours straight (825 miles) and that seemed to fix the IBS issue.  After the 17 hour drive, it started but cranked slowly the next day. 

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Morning Eric

Try pulling the FSR plugs (Final Stage Resistor) or Hedgehog as it is some times called. See if that cures the drain


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