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What’s your view on RunFlats V’s No RunFlats?

RunFlats are much more expensive

Harder ride

Non Runflats

Michelin Sport 4s an option 🙂


If I make the jump to Non Runflat Michelin 4S will there be any issues? Ie

tyre pressure warnings?

odd handling as car set up for runflats?



ride to soft?

interested in your views and anyone that’s taken the jump 

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Hi John

Welcome to the Forum

Runflats is a can of worms, and while originally sold as safer due to the ability to drive on them. It doesn't stop them getting punctures and once punctured, as the tyre does its job and it gets driven on it generally needs replacement rather than repair. The tyres construction means stiffer sidewall so harsher ride and an increase in road noise.

However all low profile tyres can be noisy or give a harsh ride generally non-runflats are cheaper with a wider choice available. It should also be noted that runflats have a special rim design. Non runflat tyres will fit but you cant fit runflats to a non-runflat rim. My brother linlaw runs 5 series touring (last 2 have been 535d flavour) once the runflats fitted have reached change he goes to non-runflat due to greater choice. His car runs 245x40x19 front and 275x35x19 rear and currently on Bridgestones 

My old X5 has always been on non runflats so no issue for me.


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