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Hi I've got bmw e83 2006 2.0d m47

I've just changed glow plugs as 3 come up not working while doing that I've blanked the swirl flaps off and changed the rocker gasket clean inlet as was build up with soot and put a new vortex breather on put it all back together cleared all codes then took the car for a run and it's struggling to go over 2000rpm it will rev up no problem stood still so put my code reader on it and come up with fault  4D00 DDE particulate filter system  

Has anyone had this and what was the problem 

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Hi John

Just seen your post so sorry for the late reply. You may have fixed it by now

Did you change all the glow plugs & the controller? Have you renewed/cleaned or blanked the EGR? Your car will have 2 thermostats 1 Water and 2 EGR if the engine doesn't reach operating temp the Particulate Filter won't regenerate and will clog. So I would replace both to make sure that everything can work as it should.

Use www.realoem.com to find where they are and the correct part numbers.

Oh and Welcome to the Forum



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