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  1. I'm going do an oil change this week on gear box see if that helps but the only trouble I have it getting it go in 1st unless I put it in 5th gear then 1 st and like a bearing noise in 4th gear around 40mph Il have go for a drive Init see if it is a case or dpf regen work that I've had done on engine recently is new glow plugs Swirl flap delete with new inlet seals New vortex breather thinks its called vortex the little housing on top of rocker cover Dpf was blocked so had take it off and clean inlet and egr valve was the same so cleaned them not had the car that l
  2. I have 2006 e83 2.0d m47 Manuel gearbox Since buying it it has a noise only seems in 4th gear around 40mph when accelerating sound like a bearing failing but if I stop accelerating it stops all other gears are fine it's had a new clutch and gear linkage recently and for some reason when trying put it in 1st gear about half way it's like their is somthing stopping it but if I put it in 5th gear then put it in 1st gear it's fine Up to now I've changed oil in both diffs and transfer case Next thing I'm gonna try is changing oil in gearbox As anyone else had this problem and
  3. Hi yes I have fixed it now thanks for the reply turned out to be the dpf blocked got some of car dpf cleaner runs better than when I got it
  4. Hi I've got bmw e83 2006 2.0d m47 I've just changed glow plugs as 3 come up not working while doing that I've blanked the swirl flaps off and changed the rocker gasket clean inlet as was build up with soot and put a new vortex breather on put it all back together cleared all codes then took the car for a run and it's struggling to go over 2000rpm it will rev up no problem stood still so put my code reader on it and come up with fault 4D00 DDE particulate filter system Has anyone had this and what was the problem
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