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Oil Additives Valve Stem oil Seals Experience N62 Engine


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HI all, new to the site. I have a great 650i , 2006 done 87K miles, full history which I think is a fab car with the N62 V8 engine. Car does about 3-4K miles a year. Recently I noticed some smoke at the rear which looked like oil smoke and following some research and checking of various breathers etc I pretty much isolated it down to the valve stem oil seals. The smoke was bad enough for it to have failed MOT so I did some digging and sure enough the confirmation was valve stem oil seals.

So what to do?

I went back to the books as it where and came across a series of articles on oil additives that can help rejuvenate tired valve stem oil seals. So at the next oil change I purchased some LiquiMoly product (thought I would trust the Germans) and put this in with the specified oil. I ran the car for about 3-400 miles and the smoking disappeared, to the extent that it passed the MOT also. I know there are a range of such additives out there and to be fair I was a bit sceptical but I now have the proof. Is there any other experience on this with this or other additives as I want to learn more and understand the limits of said additives and when I might have to bite the bullet and replace the seals.

So far so good though and I plan to continue to use said additive with future oil changes .

Would appreciate any experience share    

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On 12/17/2020 at 8:14 AM, Greydog said:

Morning Paul

Welcome to the Forum

I can understand a product helping a rubber seal that has hardened, but if the actual guides are worn I am still a skeptic.

From what you write you have had a brilliant result Whoop Whoop enjoy your 650 


Hi Dave, I too was a sceptic but I thought to give it a try. No other symptom other than smoke. if the guides were a problem I might have expected a few more issues I suspect. But for now all is good and I am sold on the additive. Yes, enoying it very much, fab bit of kit  

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Hi , just an update on this valve stem oil seal matter. The 650 i went through a further oil change in July 2021 and then an MOT in Late October. Again, I used the same additive as before from Liqui Moly.  Absolutely no smoke at all in the MOT and it passed with flying colours. I am quite impressed by this additive as it seems to do exactly what it says on the tin.    

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