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  1. all good discussion points. Ive seen some of the vintage voltage progs as well and they do seem to undertake a lot of work in addition to the electric conversion. For me range is really not the challenge so at some point it is stick with the best looking convertible in the world and convert it or buy electric. More to follow me thinks....... As to the V8 growl, well Lexus are using synthetic noise so I am guessing this is a simple add on to any conversion!! Crazy.
  2. Anyone got into conversions?. Im not doing big trips in the 650i and wondered what a reasonable conversion would cost and what to expect. Just started doing some sums and thought if I dont need greater than say 150 miles range in any one trip then might a conversion be worth considering? Appreciate your thoughts.
  3. Hi Dave, I too was a sceptic but I thought to give it a try. No other symptom other than smoke. if the guides were a problem I might have expected a few more issues I suspect. But for now all is good and I am sold on the additive. Yes, enoying it very much, fab bit of kit
  4. HI all, new to the site. I have a great 650i , 2006 done 87K miles, full history which I think is a fab car with the N62 V8 engine. Car does about 3-4K miles a year. Recently I noticed some smoke at the rear which looked like oil smoke and following some research and checking of various breathers etc I pretty much isolated it down to the valve stem oil seals. The smoke was bad enough for it to have failed MOT so I did some digging and sure enough the confirmation was valve stem oil seals. So what to do? I went back to the books as it where and came across a series of articles on oil
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