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  1. Greydog, is there anything on BMWs you have'nt experienced. Really great advice on the flushing through and restock of trans fluid. Also the use of the additive Dr Tranny. Got good experience on use of additives as I used the liqui moly additive to help with the valve stem oil seal issue I had. Great success. Will advise on what I find. Paul
  2. Always a first time, had the transmission warning light come on and car went into limp home mode, luckily I was nearby. Any thoughts on this. Auto trans Fluid changed at 64K miles now done 90K so not thinking it is the fluid. Hopefully some insights would be great. Just about to put OBD reader on also.
  3. HI gents, great feedback as always. I have removed the battery terminals, cleaned and reattached them and have not had anything since, so far. I will get the starter checked though especially if it is a Magneti one.
  4. HI all, 2006 650i convertible. Seems to have an intermittent issue with starting. The battery appears to be ok as car clock is staying on time and not falling out but when I have tried to start the car the engine would not crank over, implying insufficient amps. However, the engine then did crank over and start up the next morning. Very strange. Has anyone experienced this and identified the source of the problem. It could be something simple e.g. I need to give battery terminals a good clean, they are tight on, or there is something else awry Any thoughts/advice gratefully received. Paul
  5. Thanks Dave, may have to pay for that service but at least I know where to go look. Thanks for taking the time. Paul
  6. Hi all , done some further investigation. So, no water flow to the washer heads so I have a blockage elsewhere, not the heads. Washers to headlights are working when headlights are on so there must either be a blocked pump or filter somewhere in the main line or the washer main pump needs replacing. I am assuming that the headlights and windscreen washers operate of separate pumps. I guess I should also check the fuses as well. Always possible one of them has blown.
  7. HI all, it seems the washers on my 650i are blocked on both the hood mounted washer nozzles. Headlight washers seem ok. Any advice on actions needed to clean these out and what I can do to try and prevent this happening again. Regards Paul
  8. Hi all, did some reading into the taillight cluster gaskets perishing and allowing water. My E64 is getting older now so thought I would replace them. Has anyone got any links for instruction on how to get the taillight clusters off to do this job. I have a small compartment cover on each side in the boot but cannot see how I can loosen anything that would allow the cluster to come off. Any advice gratefully received as always.
  9. Hi all, just thought I woudl share something. I was seeing the black vinyl on the e64 rear deck cover turning grey in the sun. Picked up on a great link on You Tube link to Tim, quite an ingenious approach in using Teak Oil to rejuvinate the colour. Just did mine actually with Danish oil, a teak oil variant, and it comes up brilliantly. I have no idea were Tim got the tip from but it works. tube to
  10. Thanks very much. Ill give the colour a go and report back
  11. Hi all, just looking at sprucing up the colour of the black leather in the E64. No rips or tears and have cleaned and nourished it annually but think the colour now needs a lift. Any recommendations on what to use for the colour?
  12. Hi dave, appreciate that advice on the real oem database. Very helpful indeed. Paul
  13. Hi all, looks like I have a seal failure as moisture looks like it is in the side panel light on one side of the E64. Where would I find the bulb spec for this light? Are they readily available. The actual bulb holder may also need to be replaced but cannot find any new, only used. Any pointes on buying new ones as I am suspecting the seal will go on used ones and I then have the same problem. Any advice gratefully received. Paul
  14. OK gents, well the spring action came back. I gave it a good Wd40 spray some months back but it has taken to late March to see the spring action has returned. Thanks again for taking the time to answer.
  15. Hi Dave, yes WD40 was the first thing I tried. Seems like the spring may have failed, so not sure I can actually repair it. It still operates the automatic opener just does'nt return to flush after doing so.
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