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  1. Anyone got into conversions?. Im not doing big trips in the 650i and wondered what a reasonable conversion would cost and what to expect. Just started doing some sums and thought if I dont need greater than say 150 miles range in any one trip then might a conversion be worth considering? Appreciate your thoughts.
  2. Hi Dave, I too was a sceptic but I thought to give it a try. No other symptom other than smoke. if the guides were a problem I might have expected a few more issues I suspect. But for now all is good and I am sold on the additive. Yes, enoying it very much, fab bit of kit
  3. HI all, new to the site. I have a great 650i , 2006 done 87K miles, full history which I think is a fab car with the N62 V8 engine. Car does about 3-4K miles a year. Recently I noticed some smoke at the rear which looked like oil smoke and following some research and checking of various breathers etc I pretty much isolated it down to the valve stem oil seals. The smoke was bad enough for it to have failed MOT so I did some digging and sure enough the confirmation was valve stem oil seals. So what to do? I went back to the books as it where and came across a series of articles on oil
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