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The Wierdest Electrical Fault ( I’m Bemused)

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(BMW saloon 320d, 2012 F30).  Last night I arrived home at 6.30pm, .... 3 hours later I went out and noticed the front and rear lights were on!  Nothing else in the car worked, absolutely nothing.  Not the radio, interior lights, start button, dashboard, media screen, all LEDs out, completely dead.  The front and rear lights would not switch off so eventually the battery drained.  When I put the car charger on the lights lit up again and so no charge getting through to the battery.  I disconnected the lighting control module and the reconnected the battery charger and the lights came on!  The rest of the car was still dead.  Can’t get into the boot to check the relays as no power but when the battery charger is connected there is a clicking sound coming from inside the boot.  Can’t move the car to get a ‘jump start’ as it’s automatic and no power getting through to drive mode select stick.  The car is absolutely dead other than the front and rear lights.  This is so weird!  Can anyone help!

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Hi Glyn

Welcome to the Forum

Is there not a key release above the number plate somewhere??

As for your issue never heard of anything like it before I am afraid. First step would be getting into the boot disconnect the battery and charge it (if it will take a charge) Once fully charged and with the boot open reconnect and if possible run a diagnostic check. If you don't have diagnostics then pull all the fuses before connecting the battery, then replace one at a time laborious but a way of finding the faulty circuit.

Hope this helps


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HI Glyn

POSSIBLE bad footwelel MODULE..controls lighting in you r car including power windows, signals..

its near the drivers side where ur feet go behind hood pull below dash..held on by two ten mm screws and 3 wire harness..several videos on youtube..how to remove..usually happened with LOW voltage or jumping battery in trunk..NO NO on BMWS good luck


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