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  1. Dave, sorry for not responding sooner.. did u say that the FOOTWELL module on my 2008 328i controls the gear shift??? My gear shift doesnt lit up on DASH or SELECTOR SWITCH..would that make the car NOT start..it originally had a NO Crank No start..the old starter was bad..installed new starter..still wont start..will the PARK gear not lighting up make the car not know what gear its in and not start?? the gearshift also wont move or shift..car cant start though. Still no crank no start. I sent out the footwell module and they said they couldnt repair it ...also 3 mechanics
  2. HI Glyn POSSIBLE bad footwelel MODULE..controls lighting in you r car including power windows, signals.. its near the drivers side where ur feet go behind hood pull below dash..held on by two ten mm screws and 3 wire harness..several videos on youtube..how to remove..usually happened with LOW voltage or jumping battery in trunk..NO NO on BMWS good luck
  3. Hello any help much appreciated.. RE: 2008 4 door automatic sedan 328i BMW THE GEAR SELECTOR (automatic) sedan does not light up on dash or on gear selector switch.. what causes this and since the car doesnt know what gear its in, will it NOT start? this happened when guy jumped battery in trunk..might be Tranni module? any input appreciated. please email: rnhib@att.net 328i E90
  4. Hi Dave..yes i am in the USA..i did not know u can reach starter from below..all you tube video shown it being removed form above..so i am assuming you can easily reach it and test it from below with a multimeter on a 2008 328i? Is it difficult to change from below..well..i dont think that will happen.I just realized car wont start so cant get it on a lift. ALSO, u mentioned the LCM..it controls the gear shift knob so it will move?? And the Lights??? u think maybe that is what is wrong with car ????? .Is the LCM the same as a FOOTWWELL MODULE??? All my lites were on and ran the b
  5. RE; My 2008 BMW 328i my other question is I know how to use a multimeter but how do u reach that starter to check 12 volts constant at big positive connector and voltage at trigger terminal to starter..its buried!!! Geez..thank u so much for your help..i really appreciate it..i wish i was rich and i'd take this car to get fixed asap.
  6. What is a LCM module? does it also make the car not shift if bad? thanks
  7. Hello I hope anyone can help. I have a 2008 328i..it has a no crank nostart and we assumed the starter was bad.the guy helping accidentally wired with a jumper wire across the sockets where the CAS relay he removed..its a BLACK 4 prong relay on the fuse panel under passenger glovebox.. he thought it was the STARTER RELAY :( NOW all the HEADLIGHTS, DOMELIGHT, BRAKELIGHTS AND WIPERS STAY ON WITH THE CAR OFF......the shifter will also NOT shift (automatic) can anyone help??? Must has blown a module? someone said footwell module but all my lights wont turn off with car OFF! any
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