Mud flaps for 330i M Sport

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Hi Guys,

Just upgraded to a 2018 330i M Sports. Can anyone tell me if the BMW mud flaps for the 3 series Sport  model fit the M model? Parts department say they don't but other people say they do?   Thanks for responding.

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Hi Rob

Welcome to the Forum

Have a look at www.realoem.com it is an online BMW parts list put the last 7 digits of your Vin Number in the search box and it will bring up your model. If they are available you will find the part numbers there.

Though if your car has the Mtec body kit it may be more difficult to find you could check other models to see, Coupe, Convertible, Touring just in case. Or there may be some after market parts though how well they fit would be a worry for me.


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Hi Dave

Thanks for the reply. Obviously more research needed. Just got the car yesterday so no rush.  Off to the NE tomorrow for a few days so it will have to wait. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the online parts list. Very useful to know.


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