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  1. Hi Dave Thanks for the reply. Obviously more research needed. Just got the car yesterday so no rush. Off to the NE tomorrow for a few days so it will have to wait. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the online parts list. Very useful to know. Rob
  2. Hi Guys, Just upgraded to a 2018 330i M Sports. Can anyone tell me if the BMW mud flaps for the 3 series Sport model fit the M model? Parts department say they don't but other people say they do? Thanks for responding.
  3. Do BMW make a specific mud flap for 330i M Sport ? Thanks
  4. Hi Dave, Thanks for that. Its a very very useful link - particularly on the process with regard to changing the engine oil and filter as well as the capacity information. I've not worked on BMW's before. Last car was an Audi A4 2.0 SE with the 211PS engine. Changing oil and filter was straightforward and although checking the oil was normally done via the electronic display it did have provision for a dipstick - which I sourced on the web. Must say I much prefer the old dipstick method. Rob
  5. Thanks for that. However when I look my car it up on www.automobile-catalog.com the engine lubricant oil capacity given for the BMW 320i B48 ( man. 6 speed ) for the year 2017 in Europe is given as 5.3 litres / 5.6 US qt / 4.6 imp qt. Converting the imperial qt and US qt figures comes to 5.228 and 5.29 litres - hence my uncertainty. Think I'll just go to a BMW dealership and ask the workshop Boss as I've heard nothing back from my email to BMW Technical. Watch this space.
  6. Hi Guys. Car is a BMW 3 Series F30 Petrol 320i xDrive B48 Can anyone confirm what viscosity oil my car takes, what the refill capacity is (with and without filter) and what make of oil BMW use / recommend? I have tried to get this information out of BMW technical but so far they have not responded to my enquiry. Thanks for your help.
  7. Ckecked speedo readings against GPS readings on a journey down the M6. Surprisingly the speedo reads a consistent 2 mph over the GPS readins at 50 mph, 60mph and 70mph! I thought it would be a bigger gap as the speed increased? Perhaps I didn't get it quite accurate unless some electronic wizardry is at work? Will do more readings in the future for interest sake.
  8. Hi Trevor. I've been away this week (but not in the BMW) Just got back so I'll give you some figures in the next week or so. Rob.
  9. Hi Trevor, Thanks for the comments. Just installed my Speed trap detector which will also give me a speed reading on my journeys over the next week as a check. Rob
  10. Recently bought a new (ish- 2 months old ) F30 320i xDrive Sport Saloon from BMW dealer. It came with 17" Alloys - tyres 225/50/R17's. I have a copy of the factory delivery print out sheet with the specifications on the car. It states that the car was supplied with 18" alloy wheels as "additional equipment". My question is this. If the car was direct from the factory with 18" alloys would it have been specially set up for 18" alloys and would the change to 17" alloys affect the calibration of things like the speedo, other electronic settings etc.? I presume the 18" wheels would have been fitted with 45 profile tyres anyway - so there might not be that much difference in performance? Thanks for your thoughts.