BMW 325 tds for sale

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Is anyone interested in buying one or both of these cars?

Black BMW 325tds estate.
Green BMW 325tds saloon car.

The black one had a slight oil leak and needed some welding. Oil was never reported as an MOT problem.

The green car was said to have a pulse on the breaks and the MOT man said one wheel bearing. The rear wheel and suspension were changed from a BMW in the scrap yard. Then the hand break wasn't holding strong enough. That's pretty much where it stopped. There was some welding needing doing. 

Both cars have tow bars and drive well, when they were being driven. 

I acquired the cars with a view to fixing them and driving them, but they just move round my garden when I cut the grass.  That's been the last 2 years or so. 

I was considering paying someone to fix them and get them through an MOT.... but I expect the cost will be more than the car is worth and when I checked insurance. It's £500 each to insure. 

I personally am not a BMW fan. I drive anything practical. 

I don't really want to send them to the scrap yard. I think they are worth something to someone. 
I woudl consider keeping them but I already have 3 cars to my name.  These, sadly, have to go.

I have a car trailer I can use. I could deliver if you are not to far away. I live in Wiltshire. 

Anyone interested in these cars?


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