New to the forum in need of help! 335d PROBLEMS

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Hi all,

I bought a BMW 335d (2008) about 6 months. Little to my knowledge it turns out the car has had the DPF removed - now the problems have started!

Yesterday I ran the car to quarter of a tank and then filled it with vpower. A few miles later no warning lights or any warnings but the car seems to have lost pretty much all its power! The exhaust note seems much deeper now too (it was always reasonably loud)

I took the car to my local garage that has done work on the car previously (BMW Specialist!!) and they're advising me that as the car has no DPF (which I didn't know when buying!) they are not willing to even investigate the issue

Can anyone shed any light on this? does it sound like something common? Or advise of a garage within the Midlands that would be willing to actually look at the car?

They've told me to buy a genuine used DPF and fit so they can test the system. Which I dont mind doing but I cant find one anywhere and have rang local breakers so if anyone knows of one for sale please point me in that direction 

Any help will be greatly appreciated


Thank you for reading


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I found a DPF for that model on eBay for $1600 with a really quick search.  Maybe not genuine, but you really need that on there to avoid legal issues.  Be sure whatever one you get is certified if your region requires it, some governments are really particular about it.

It is serious violation of the law to remove emissions components here.  It is not going to pass the next emissions inspection.

The missing DPF could be causing the problem if whoever removed it didn't do a perfect job of reprogramming the car.  After the car calls for regeneration and it doesn't happen more than once, the ECM is supposed to cut power significantly and limit the top speed to 55 MPH and light the malfunction indicator light.  That sounds like what's happening to you (USA behavior, not sure if UK has the same requirements).  The light could be disabled, masked, or have been programmed not to light up.


You may have some legal recourse against the person you bought the car from, especially if it was a car dealer. 

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Morning Dan

Sorry to read about your problems. I would guess that a previous owner has had the DPF removed and probably the EGR either due to problems (normally short journeys/town work) or as tuning software has been in place .

As Eric says removing the DPF is an immediate MOT fail so best avoided in my opinion. I know there are many out there without DPF's that with some clever software pass MOT's but is it worth the risk?? There are a few BMW specialist breakers around just google them, Quarry Motors I have used they are in Sheffield from memory. Also as has been said DPF's are on Ebay so worth a look. For information my brother in-laws 535d is way past the 200k mark the only part not standard (to my knowledge) is the swirl flaps have been removed and he has had the car remapped for some time (300+ bhp and 40+ on a run) and apart from a sensor issue on the DPF no problems (well there have been many but not drive train related).

I can fully understand the BMW Specialist as they don't know where they are starting from, and their diagnostics can't find any issues as they will probably be masked by software hiding the fact the DPF isnt there. They will need a base line to work from and in their case they need a standard car, you may find an independent garage that is prepared to dig around to sort the issue but every time they test something it will cost if not in parts in time.

Sorry if this is negative and I can't be more help


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