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Cleaning Soft Top

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I've tried cleaning my soft top with the auto glym kit on the market but...

It hasn't really done much, even with a more abrasive brush on stubborn marks.

Are there any products that work a bit better but still without causing damage?

Thanks in advance


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Hi David

When your soft top has gone a bit green and slimy and you are using the  Autoglym hood cleaner I found that the only way to get a result was to let the foam dwell for several minutes and then use a toothbrush to agitate it. When rinsing off use a toothbrush (or some other soft brush) to keep agitating. If the hood is really dirty be prepared to do it again . Cloth holds so much muck that it takes some time to restore the dark colour. I think it’s about the scrubbing rather than the brand . Hope this helps 



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got to endorse Chris's comment. All about agitation and repeated use of cleaner. The green algae discolouration in particular is stubborn and you just need to have repeated goes with a toothbrush over a few days and it will lift. 

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Confirm repeated goes.

The algae is usually quite deeply engrained so the hot soap and water does need to be used regularly with the said tooth brush. Once lifted you can also go over with a proprietary cleaner, I use the Renovo products and have done for 6 years now, cleaner followed by the colour and then the waterproofer. There are other products but these ones have worked for me. 

Do the roof twice a year and still I get some green spots so it is just one of those things running a canvas roof. Mind you using a cover in the winter probably does'nt help things but there you go.  

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