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  1. Hi David When your soft top has gone a bit green and slimy and you are using the Autoglym hood cleaner I found that the only way to get a result was to let the foam dwell for several minutes and then use a toothbrush to agitate it. When rinsing off use a toothbrush (or some other soft brush) to keep agitating. If the hood is really dirty be prepared to do it again . Cloth holds so much muck that it takes some time to restore the dark colour. I think it’s about the scrubbing rather than the brand . Hope this helps Chris
  2. Washing it. Its always raining in SW England and the cars white 😂😂😬😳
  3. Morning all I have an update. The car was in my local dealership forACE2 fitting (I know reviews are variable but when youve been rear ended while driving at 50mph because someine fell asleep, it might come in handy), they diagnosed and replaced the light unit under warranty. The car was also in mint condition when I collected it. Not sure if I'm allowed to name the dealer for good work?
  4. Thanks Dave. from what I’ve read, if the computer has stored the fault it’s straightforward but often it doesn’t as in my case, it’s fine for a few days then it plays up!
  5. Hello, I'm fairly new to this forum and there are pics of my car somewhere about 😬. I have the widely discussed intermittent rear indicator fault. It’s an Lci coupe, and my local dealership wants the car all day to diagnose the problem. I diagnosed it in 15 minutes. Is this a reasonable timescale and should I just shut up? Thanks
  6. Hi, As a new 118 owner I have a question about the info that shows on the iPhone app. My friend who is a longtime BMW owner was showing me the app for his 435d which showed lots of info about fuel level, windows closed etc. The same app for my 118 has much less info. I can’t find anything about the level of info that should show and if it varies by model so any help appreciated! i assume that more expensive models have more sensors and show more variables? What is the maximum amount of info you can see for a 1 series? Thanks for the help. Chris
  7. I’ve searched for the enthusiast owners club site for all my cars and they’ve been excellent. This was a no brainer and after a few days reading looks full of good advice.
  8. Thank you I’ll post a pic when I collect her. Managed to get them to do that ProtectX for £99 instead of £399! They don’t like too much at the dealership...I arranged my own finance, GAP etc and didn’t buy any of their expensive versions. Felt a bit guilty but that’s business.
  9. Hi All Collecting my first ever BMW in 8 days. I px’d My VW Up for a 118iSE. I was going to get an Up GTI but most dealers are trying to sell their demos for a lot more than the new price because the order book is closed. Anyway, saw this car in my local dealership....2 years old with 2500 miles (spare demonstrator) and thought I’d be mad not to.. Have driven other people’s 5 series at work and have been impressed so hopefully this will be a good experience. i will have loads of questions as I go so hopefully this community will be help me along. so hello from Devon.
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