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  1. Hi chaps. I have done a search but can't find anything definitive. I've got a new android phone (Gakaxy S6 Edge) and have the usual e46 Bluetooth issue. It connects and just drops out whenever it fancies really. Is this something that can be resolved with the new ULF (I think that's the part?) Or can I update the software on the ULF or any other devices to help it work? I've tried the re pairing but had no luck, though will try this again now I've updated the nav unit, I doubt it'll help though. Any help would be great as it's the one last annoying thing! Thanks
  2. Thankyou, glad to have joined, hopefully I grab some useful info on here and share what I learn :)
  3. Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I'm new here, I've been trying to trace some service history of my car, ideally without the 090 number. I've bought a new service book so it'd be nice to know where it's been in what order and contact those dealers to get the book updated. Anyone done this and have any advice? Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks David
  4. Hello. I've tried cleaning my soft top with the auto glym kit on the market but... It hasn't really done much, even with a more abrasive brush on stubborn marks. Are there any products that work a bit better but still without causing damage? Thanks in advance David
  5. Hi all, Thought I'd pop in to introduce myself, as i've just bought my second BMW. 2004 53 Plate 330ci Convertible, Auto with all the bells and whistles. Hoping to get involved on here and see where things go :)
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