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  1. Maybe its only me but I've always found it frustrating trying to line up the holes in the wheels with the holes in the hubs, trying to support the wheel one handed against the weight (need more spinach). My simple solution (and maybe 100 people have already had this idea) was to cut the heads off two suitable set screws (or bolts), thus creating the right size studs, then squared off the end where the bolt head was. Now I insert these 2 studs just barely one turn in the top two holes of the hub and the wheel then goes straight on and stays there while I locate the other 3 wheel bolts. I t
  2. Compared with a Morgan, this was the very pinnacle of ride compliance 😎
  3. Dave, Your son definitely has the right idea. 800nm of torque would certainly fall into the category of "adequate" 😎 Burton engines - now that takes me back. My Caterham Supersprint had a 1700 X-Flow with the 711M block, twin 40s etc etc - only about 135 bhp but the best bit was the induction noise and the flames and banging on the overrun - not necessarily the peak of efficiency but a lot of fun at around 550kg. The thing I miss about the 7s is just the "feeling" -it's certainly not about top speed as they have the aerodynamics of a brick.
  4. Thanks Dave. I was into "just add lightness", including a 2CV at one point, but now I seem to have gone gradually lardy (not just the cars) ðŸĪŠ If I could get another 7 I would do so (I miss them more than anything else) but my budget has become the limiting factor over recent times. So, frankly, my lower end but very nice E39 was the best I could do with the money - it was either that or a very leggy Skyline 350GT import. There is a very big price gap between the 520i and the 530i and above. The cunning master plan involves me investing in the lottery. My list of previous started with a 1958 St
  5. Thank you. Just had a look at Greydog's list of "previous". His Horsepower total puts mine to shame 😁
  6. Hello all. Having had a few years with various toys I now seem to be gradually going slower My progression has gone as follows: Westfield SeiW, Caterham Supersprint, Caterham Supersport, Lotus Elise S1, Nissan 350Z, Jaguar XK8 and now.......... an E39 520i SE auto! I haven't ruled out something less sensible in the future but I bought the E39 on a whim purely due to it's very low mileage (53k), single previous owner and service history. Yes it's not the fastest car in the world but I can see why E39s were so highly rated at the time. It's incredibly well made and silky smooth - in fact everyt
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