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  1. BiHi I have 950b szl transport mode active,my scanner will not clear it any thoughts please Tia. Bill
  2. I read somewhere that it could be done using the secret menu, but obviously not
  3. Hi can you register a battery your self, if so how please.
  4. Measuring under bonnet replaced battery with the same. Have now tried another battery, will check in the morning cheers
  5. Hi battery is 3 months old just went to start car, battery flat even though it started and ran 15 minutes ago. I put multi meter on with key out of the ignition voltage was jumping all over the place, what would make the voltage unstable?
  6. Battery drain connect charger after a minute or so there is a whirring noise from under the bonnet voltage jumps from 6 volts to 13 anyone have any ideas why ?
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