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  1. Hi Guys and Gals Ok now happy with milrage, strange notes etc, and w ell pleased with motor. So, Tools! What tools were supplied with car when new? Mine seems to have towing hook and 1 screwdriver only. Was a Jack provided? Perhaps with run flats not needed ? Drivers manual delightfully vague! Is car a genuine off roader? Previous 4wd Yetti not bad on Dartmoor! Are diff locks fitted, and if so are they automatic, or full time? Thanks for all past help and for future ideas. Phil ?
  2. Hi Silver john. Yes at 82 I am still a part time accountant, you must keep the brain busy. Well done.
  3. Hi Silver john, Yes I am using the on boars computer as in the past on Mercs I have found them reasonably accurate. What are your conclusions accuratish? Over or under the true figures? AND you are not a saddo, but a realist with an enquiring mind! Phil
  4. HI KIT B. Obviously a younger man and in Paid emp;oyment. As a pensioner Icannot afford such luxury! But you are right!!
  5. Hi Guys UPDATE Just come back from Tamworth to Plymouth. M42 M40 M5. Final figures,,, 51.1 mpg, 53.2 mph ! ECO engaged, Cruise control used set at initially 64 mph then 57 mph when past Avon conditions. I CAN LIVE WITH THAT! One question, occasionally I get a harmonious noise,sometimes 1 chime, some times a small series, no apparent warning signs. Any ideas? Thanks guys, Phil
  6. Hi folks Bought X3 2016 M 2000 diesel sport auto box with 18300 on the clock. Drives as a new car and very pleased. So.;... best driving set up for economy on Mway,.... ECO ?, cruise control, auto or manual, speed about 60 I would guess. Got 42 mpg on Mway yesterday, quite happy with that but Could it be improved? And any useful tips on the longevity of the car, Seems to be a brick outhouse build and very comfortable and safe! Must fit running boards for my lady soon, any accessories to quieten the other driver, the one in the L H seat? Any tips do,s or do,nts welcome. Cheers and.hullo phil.
  7. I had similar on an older Merc witth sensors as after market fit. Probem was rain shorting wires at rear of bumper, suggest spraying with WD40 if accessible. Good luck! Phil
  8. Cheers boys Yes MPG about 25 around town, 35 0n urban roads, and M way .. not yet tested. Acceptable for nice motor. The Computer is be wildering at first but learning Not sure about run flats, we shall see. As to doing my own servicing at 82 y o only memories. And yes the 2.5 PI Triumph Auto was a helluva car!! But so was the CLK! Had some good cars in my time. and come Xrap as well.. a Morris 1800S where the G,box oil leaked in to control cables, jamming the box every so often. And a Rover 75, where the least said the better Life is a learning curve!! Phil
  9. Hi Folks At an advances age just bought 1st BMW, Owned Mercs, Range Rovers Triumph 2.5s etc in the past. It,s a 2016 X3 2 ltr diesel M Sport with 18500 on the clock from local BM main dealer This one is after a week an impressive motor. So:- What consumption can I get on a M way keeping within the law? How about reliability Any known issues? Any tips? Any info welcome here to learn! Phil