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  1. Thanks for this, but too much hassle, sent back, wife learning mountaineering! Phil
  2. Hi and welcome to the club It does sound like Alarm circuit fault, with sound intermittent, check fuses, and door catches but as Greydog says the sensors are most likely fault. The challenge is to find it or them. Mobile mechanic/electrician?
  3. It will be interesting to see main dealers eventual re actions. Please keep us informed Phil
  4. Hi VermillionRed3X Interesting! Is yours the M Sport X3 and where did you get the Steps. Part no etc please? Certainly the ones I bought and returned would not fit my car.
  5. Hi Yes my thoughts exactly! Actually items not fitted, Needed to cut into car so no good, not going to spoil integrity of vehicle, live and learn!! 5ft 2 inch wife got to climb up, no prob for me at 6ft 2. Have fun!! Phil.
  6. Hi Guys just bought a set of side steps for my X£. Obviously the drilling of the holes for fitting need to be pin point accurate. So I was expecting a template for guidance with the kit. Disappointment! Has anyone any experience of fitting these, I and my eldest son are competent mechanics so do not expect too many problems but guidance on accurate drilling would be helpful.
  7. Yes H N Y to all, may you all be transported on a magic carpet in 2020.
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. Yes it was a lot of patience needed, but in supreme comfort and good music! Basie & Ellington...sheer heaven ( to me! ) Super car!
  9. Hi Mick Had my 2016 2 ltr X3 Auto for 4 weeks now, bought from main dealer and done some 1600 miles of all sorts. So, using Cruise control and ECO as much as possible finding:- Town 25 MPG Country, Cornwall, up and down hills and tractors 35 to 40 MPG Motorway Plymouth - B,ham return 50.1 MPG. Thought to be as high mpg as possible. So.. very Happy!! BUT, Speed kept below 64 mph And av speed PLy - B,ham 52 MPH Biggest factor in econmy...right foot!! Hope this helps Phil
  10. Hi again KIT B Well done you, that is early retirement, and a biker too. You certainly got it right buddy! As only a few of us know,....WORK is a 4 letter word!! Phil
  11. Hi Guys and Gals Ok now happy with milrage, strange notes etc, and w ell pleased with motor. So, Tools! What tools were supplied with car when new? Mine seems to have towing hook and 1 screwdriver only. Was a Jack provided? Perhaps with run flats not needed ? Drivers manual delightfully vague! Is car a genuine off roader? Previous 4wd Yetti not bad on Dartmoor! Are diff locks fitted, and if so are they automatic, or full time? Thanks for all past help and for future ideas. Phil ?
  12. Hi Silver john. Yes at 82 I am still a part time accountant, you must keep the brain busy. Well done.
  13. An authorative and sensible approach!
  14. Hi Silver john, Yes I am using the on boars computer as in the past on Mercs I have found them reasonably accurate. What are your conclusions accuratish? Over or under the true figures? AND you are not a saddo, but a realist with an enquiring mind! Phil