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Bmw Multi Club Meet 25Th August 2013


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Tbh I couldn't have said it better myself Gav. Apart from myself,Gav and Jac nobody else turned up from BMWOC. There was no input or promotion from any of the mods,the boss or its members. So I'd like to take this opportunity to say that as of today I'm resigning as S/E Meet coordinator and will no longer be arranging any events for BMWOC !!

And been as I quit management 3 months ago but for some reason I still have the title.....im actually ashamed to have this title..

poo I put into this club and got jack back..

I have fell out with friends, bent over backwards to make this club over the last 3 years.

You all belong in Skoda owners club in my opinion.

A certain few of you make the effort, the rest are pure pricks...

This club will go no where..

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I was there. but as a new member I did not found any one. there was no since or flags nothing. so I just spend good time with my kids.

We did spot you mate, but was unsure.

prob as there was a !Removed! poor turn out you were better off having a good time with the family.

thankyou for making the effort, a lot more than the rest of the few thousand on here

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where were you???

anyway I hope next time will be better. and for others: do not say that you will do it if you dont

As you pulled on to the grass, to your left, silver e36, black, red M3 e46 and a MGTF (embarrassed)

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Guest Mister Dabsy

May I personally apologise if it seemed I didn't promote this event, I did... But as you all know, I am living on the bread-line and simply cannot afford such luxuries as a full tank of fuel, even as a family we can't afford a day out :(

Where were the banners from last year?

And where is Steve?

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Hi guy's.

Sorry I didn't make this :(. I know I let you down. I had a blow out the evening before on the A413. Tyre split completely in two, left the tyre wall on the inside of the rim and the rest flapping about at about 70mph.

P.S. How do I add pictures? I wanted to upload one of the state of my tyre :(.

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