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Hi Guys Anybody Else Got A E12 1976 520I On Here

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just wondering if any body else has a e12 520I 1976 can't seem to find any about .

I bought mine 3 months ago when I found it layed up in a coach garage along with 3 old coaches. it had been parked up in there and not run since 1989 although it was taken of the road in 85 and tax n moted in 89 but never used it is a 1 owner (the owner of the coach company) 31,113 miles from new.

the car was in mint condition but the dust that had settled on it had micro blistered the paint.

the car is currently stripped and being preped for repaint .work done so for is just to commission it new brakes seals and rubbers etc not that it needed them they all worked fine just thought that 20 odd years of standing it was time to replace them.the car started 1st crank on its 89 fuel (amazing) the body was mint apart from the blistering (shame to paint) the engine bay is as new as is the inside.

hoping to have it on the road by the end odds October .



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Hey mate and welcome to the BMWOC,

You are VERY welcome here with such a great E12! what a find! You may very well have the lowest mileage E12 I've ever seen :) No one here has an E12 but if anyone's going to come close, it would be me with my 520i E28 that uses the same engine as yours but with a fuel injection system bolted on.

Would LOVE some more pics posted!


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yeah a good find eh . mine has the same engine day m10 fuel injection ..

I'll put some more pics on from when I 1st saw it covered in dust and some of its current state of rebuild.

would love to meet up with stone of you guys when it's done !

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Ahh 1977 onwards your E12 would of had my engine which would of been a Carb fed M20 I6. Your one is one year away from the I6 revolution :P which is a good thing

Absolutely gorgeous! I can't say enough about how much you are very lucky to own such a great example

Keep us posted bud

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Hello, I have just acquired a 1975 520i which is coming on the boat as I write this. Wondering if you have found outlets for parts etc. Also any idea whether a factory repair manual was produced in English. Also interested in what mechanicals parts numbers etc overlap  and what don't with the 02 tii .   Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


Thank you.

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Morning Alan

Can't help much with parts outlets but are you aware that BMW do offer pretty good support system and discounts for the older models plus of course the BMW specialist breakers.

Are you aware of www.realoem.com it is an online BMW parts list put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box, obviously your model will be in the classic section. Once you find the relevant part number if you double click on it it will show you equivalent's and other models it may be in.

Good luck with your classic



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