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  1. car going in primer this thursday ;)

  2. yeah a good find eh . mine has the same engine day m10 fuel injection .. I'll put some more pics on from when I 1st saw it covered in dust and some of its current state of rebuild. would love to meet up with stone of you guys when it's done !
  3. just wondering if any body else has a e12 520I 1976 can't seem to find any about . I bought mine 3 months ago when I found it layed up in a coach garage along with 3 old coaches. it had been parked up in there and not run since 1989 although it was taken of the road in 85 and tax n moted in 89 but never used it is a 1 owner (the owner of the coach company) 31,113 miles from new. the car was in mint condition but the dust that had settled on it had micro blistered the paint. the car is currently stripped and being preped for repaint .work done so for is just to commission it new brakes seals
  4. Welcome to the BMW Owners Club 1976520i :)

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