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Advice On Buying An E38 728I

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I've had my 1998 735 now 8 years. Bought it with 31000 miles and its now about 105000.

The best car even !!! Fact.

Change in needs and circumstance means I really need to renew my car, and I'm going to be gutted .

Hope that you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.

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Hi Chaps,

I am in the slightly unusual situation of trading from an F01 730D SE late 2008 to an E38, 728i sport. I get it tomorrow, and am quite excited to be honest.

The car has 108k miles on it, and previous owner has had fitted new rear springs, battery, and radiator in the past 12 months.

It has some small rust spots, and needs a service.

Will keep you posted!


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Hi. I am new to the club but not BMW's. I bought a 1996 e38 740i two years ago. The owner kept it in a dehumidifier for long periods. The car had done 77k only and came with individual champagne NAPPA leather piped on black and 20" alpina soft line wheels. My top for buying is take your time and ignore the hype on some forums re changing the gearbox oil. Just find a brilliant independent who will re set the box to accommodate the pressure from the new oil. Finally, if you don't use it very often then make absolutely sure you have it on trickle charge it you will end up with all manner of electrical glitches, especially the radio.

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Hi there,I have had an E38 for 12 years now 1996,ok its a big car,not very economical if you are only around town,stop start etc but what can you expect at least its comfortable and effortless.Engine and gearbox are bomb proof.Like most cars if you keep on top of it all will be fine.

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My first BMW, pleased as punch. If you can deal with the consumption, the bigger engine the better. I'm averaging 15.8 mpg on my V12, I drive fairly quickly but not like a loon and I'm doing longish runs of 50 miles round the M25/M3 with ocassional short runs so a mixture of traffic conditions.

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Bought my 1998 728i last week have owned skyline's, Subaru Impreza's, v6 vauxhalls ,Mondeo st 220 Audi quat and others but can honestly say it's by far the best drive I've ever experienced was originally after a 735 but have not be disappointed the smaller engine going to bring it back to its former glory over the next few months can not wait

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well, all I can say, after 15k miles and 18 months is that I'm very happy with it! Only regret is not doing it sooner! It doesn't feel like a 14 year old car at all. In fact it feels much better and newer than the 7 year old car I swapped it for!

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I'm about to buy a 2001 E38 728i, I have owned a E65 730i and F02 750Li here in New Zealand. Any advice for the E38? The radiator has been changed, thermostat, full serves current owner has had it 6 years. As he's rebuilding a E30 he has no time to look after the 728. She overheats underload. When I looked at it. Had it idling 20 min and nothing was hot to touch. No white smoke etc. no water in oil etc. what would you say it might be. ? 


sam m 

New Zealand 

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Hi Samuel

Welcome to the Forum

As it is overheating under load my first suspect would be the thermostat, even a new one can be duff. I would change it anyway. You say Radiator changed was it new or one the old owner had? could be partially blocked if it was reused? Is the water pump OK 

Not much else comes to mind

Hope this Helps


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