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Hi everybody from the Southern Hemisphere...in Australia....rural city of Albury in New South Wales ( about 300 kms north of Melbourne ) . I'm poised to buy my first BMW here and focused on a second hand X1 up to 2014. However, would welcome feedback from any X1 owners or researchers prior to me putting my money down. Will post in a relevant forum page and hope I can get some answers to my questions or concerns.  Thanks in anticipation... 🙂

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Well G'day George

Welcome to the Forum

What engine are you considering there were some well documented timing chain issues with the earlier N47 diesel engines around 2014 they were upgraded not sure of the date Petrol engines seemed OK 

Apart from that the normal checks apply History History History, here in the UK after 3 years there is the annual MOT test which we can also check online showing if any work was required to pass and what was done (or not) also shows "advisories" so you can see what is coming.

All accessories should work (test everything) Gearbox should be smooth and quiet again depending on miles should be serviced, as with all 4x4 tyres should match and be correct sizes all round, mismatched or odd tyres can wreak havoc on the transfer case.

Hope I haven't put you off


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