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Speaker upgrades

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Hi all.

Recently purchased a 1 series which I didn’t notice on test drive but the drivers door speaker doesn’t work. It’s completely dead. I spent a bit of time stripping stuff down this evening and found the wires still work with the speaker from the other door and when swapped the dead one still doesn’t work. 

anyway, time for an upgrade, I have a couple of spare hertz 4” mids from a previous install, so my question is; is a straight swap ok? They were originally part of a 3 way kit but were too big for the install so I had to get different 3” mids. Would a straight swap be an improvement or would it sound worse as it’s such a higher rated speaker? I don’t really know a lot about audio tbh so don’t know if it’s a plug and play thing or should you use amps and start re-wiring everything.



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Morning Stuart

First simple test "try your speaker" if it works then the next bit is will it fit? If it does then mount it and put everything back, that I think will be the test to see if you have a change in sound quality between OEM and the replacement.

If your like me "tone deaf" if it works great 😁😁


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