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Non bmw technical question

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Hi all… can someone confirm I’m not being stupid please. 
our French people carrier is doing my head in! 
its abs light is on and I’m trying to pinpoint the issue. 
plug the computer in (proper autel fr704 french poo jobbie ) and it tells me 1 fault is abs P2FOD code… 

now, it tells me to refer to the service manual, which tells me nothing else. So I put it on live data and turn each front wheel.. I’m getting a read out on the speed. Both seem good… both rear wheels are not giving any live speed readings. If I disconnect the lhs rear sensor, I get 2 faults.. one is the original and one is telling me the left is disconnected. Remover the right and only one fault, rhs disconnected…. Thus if I’m correct, the problem must be the rhs abs sensor. The module must be ok as it can distinguish if I have disconnected the sensor. … 

I have now changed the sensor, the brake disc, which has the reluctor ring on it and the holding plate for the sensor on the rhs, but I still get the one fault. 

It’s going for its mot next week I’m about to have a nervous breakdown with it! 

what am I missing? …. Clearly it’s not a bmw, which is a good enough reason! … never had this issue with my X5 lol. 

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Hi Stu

The only bit left is the air gap sensor to reluctor ring. Try measuring the air gap on one of the other wheels make sure the mounting area is absolutely clean and the sensor fully seated a small difference can make all the difference

The X5 can still send you Bonkers 

Good Luck 


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